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Moodle Site Setup

This is a setup checklist we perform when installing and setting up a new Moodle instance.  We are working hard to build consistency and an overall look and feel for K-12 school districts in Wayne County, Michigan (And expanding statewide!).  Wayne RESA is providing Moodle hosting to each and every school district in our county and they utilize our theme and setup to ensure a beautiful and highly functional LMS for every student and teacher.

For each new Moodle instance it is important to keep consistency.  These steps should help outline a starting point for new instances of Moodle.

Fordson Theme  https://moodle.org/plugins/theme_fordson

Easy Enrollment Plugin  https://moodle.org/plugins/enrol_easy

Main Components:

  • LDAP account login setup with district
  • MISTAR gradebook integration (Student Information System)
  • Easy Enrollment activation (Course Enrollments right from the site homepage)
  • Fordson theme install and configuration
  • Additional supported plugin installs

Points of Focus

  • Make login easier by integrating with school accounts (LDAP, Google Accounts)
  • Save teachers time by exporting grades to student information system such as Powerschool.  Look for other benefits like this for teachers.
  • Focus on how a student will go from login to learning and eliminate distractions in that process.  How do they get to learning? (Easy Enrollment plugin)
  • Make it look pretty.  First impressions matter.  Design and refine with purposeful intent. (Fordson theme)
  • Knowledgeable Moodle Administration (Listen to teachers and change Moodle accordingly)
  • Support and on-demand training/professional development

Moodle Initial Setup

  • Force users to login
    Security > site policies > forcelogin
  • Set default homepage for users to site.
    Appearance > Navigation > defaulthomepage  (Change to site.  Not Dashboard.)
  • Activate Fordson Theme
    Appearance > theme selector > change theme
  • Enable Easy Enrollment Plugin
    Plugins > Enrollments > Manage enroll plugins  (Click eyeball for Easy enrollments to turn on)
  • Activate Easy Enrollment Method at the course level for every course (Manually inside each course via adding a new Enrollment Method or with Script at
    Moodleroot /enrol/easy/activate.php ) Must be logged in as site admin when accessing script link.  The script will add an instance of easy enrollment to every course. Just load the script in a browser and it will trigger it.

Customize Login

  • Define whether to use default login or the Fordson customized login.  My recommendation is to use the custom login provided by Fordson and utilize the marketing elements of the page to highlight the most important features of the Wayne RESA branded Moodle site.  Click the checkbox to turn on the custom page and fill out the form to add your own content to the login page.
    Appearance > Fordson > Custom Login Page

Setup Site Home

  • Default setup on homepage should be only Easy Enrollment Course Code form, Icon Nav Bar, and My Courses.
  • Ask client about possibly using the marketing spots at the bottom of the page.  Discuss options of what should go there if anything. Remember, the goal is to eliminate distractions.
    Appearance > Fordson > Marketing Tiles
  • Ask client about using homepage slider.  Or utilize this area to promote useful features with a link to materials or websites.
    Appearance > Fordson > Slideshow

Setup Footer

  • Add organizational branding to homepage footer
    Appearance > Fordson > Footer
  • Add social media channels
    Appearance > Fordson > Footer

Custom Images

  • Depending on client needs you can upload custom images for the following: Favicon, Header Logo (homepage), default header image at top of every course, page background(don’t use this), login image.
  • Images can be uploaded on this page
    Appearance > Fordson > Custom Images

Header Image Size and Spacing

  • Depending on what style preset is chosen (We recommend the default: Fordson) you may want to adjust how large the header image is.  In most instances Header Image Height is the setting to adjust.
  • Change Image Height
    Appearance > Fordson > Custom Image Settings
  • Certain presets may utilize some spacing to create separation between the main content of the page and the image.  This is done by adjusting the Learning Content Spacing.
    Appearance > Fordson > Content Areas


  • I’d recommend that you keep most things as they are.  However, if you need to change certain elements you can do so on the Colours page.
    Appearance > Fordson > Colours


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