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Fordson has taken a new modular approach to how you customize the look of your site.  We start with a preset which defines colors and a basic look and feel for your site.  Then you choose a page layout which controls how course images and page layout is presented.  Then you choose a topic/weekly section style which controls how each section in a course is styled. Next is the course tile display which gives you control over how courses are displayed in listings such as the homepage or in course categories. Take a look below for more details.  This modular approach provides over 120 unique combinations you can create for your site.

The Presets page helps define the look and layout of the site.  This is the main area to define your site’s appearance.  There are two main areas on this page” Presets and Layout Settings.   Presets control the default colors and some aspects of the layout such as borders, rounded edges, spacing, and things like that.  Fordson is now compatible with any of the Bootswatch presets.  However, these presets need to be made “Moodle friendly”.  Bas Brands has done this on his github and you can download these presets and try them out with Fordson.  https://github.com/bmbrands/Moodle-presets .  We’ve found some Bootswatch presets have code that deals with Google Fonts and sometimes this can cause a problem.  Remove those lines and the preset should work fine.

Preset settings

Layout Settings

Layout Settings

The layout settings are new to Moodle 3.5 and Fordson.  These allow you to customize individual elements of a page.  The layout chooser controls the page layout characteristics.  Section style controls topic and weekly section styling.  Course tile display controls how courses are displayed when listed in areas such as the homepage and course categories.  Block display location options allows you to choose between the default Boost sidebar on the right or the new 3 column block panel which can be shown or hidden with the click of a button.

Three Column Block Panel example with button below

Three Column Block Panel example with button below


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