9 Menu Settings

Enhanced navigation is one element of the Fordson theme that helps students and teachers navigation and work within courses. The Menu Settings tab helps you customize some of these elements.  Let’s take a look at these options.

Course Administration Panel Menu

Our teachers were not happy with the Course Administration block.  It wasn’t organized in a way that made sense to them.  We developed a special button that appears for teachers in the top navbar which will open a large modal window with an organized list of all the links a teacher needs to manage and operate their course.  This button is always visible and can be accessed at anytime.  We HIGHLY recommend you keep this turned on.  For students we created a dashboard modal window in which they can quickly access key areas of the course.  In this section you customize that experience with a message using the textboxes and a few other items.  If you turn this feature off (coursemanagementtoggle) then Fordson will revert back to using the Boost edit cog menu which is displayed to the right of the course title.

Course Administration Panel Settings


Dynamic Enrolled Courses List and Course Navigation Menus

The rest of this page deals with enrolled courses and nav drawer options.  As you can see, you can choose to turn off the Nav Drawer completely.  If you choose to do this we recommend turning on the My Course and This Course drop down menus.  These appear in the top navbar on desktops and help a user navigate.  On smaller screens these will be hidden.

Enrolled Courses and Course navigation menu settings


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