3 Main Functionality of Theme

My Courses Dropdown – Displays a list of courses in which the user is enrolled.

Custom “Add activities and resources” panel – Take control of the way teachers add activities and resources.  Highlight most used tools, hide tools, and control the ordering of tools.

This Course Student Dashboard – students can quickly see course completion, grades, teacher contact info, course description, and other relevant course information in this innovative course dashboard.

Course Administration Teacher Dashboard – This course dashboard displays all the links teachers need to manage a course.  Links previously found in the Course Administration block are grouped and neatly organized in this innovative course dashboard for teachers.  This dashboard can be accessed from anywhere in the course and is always visible.

Location Aware Teacher Editing Button – The “Turn Editing On” button is always visible and location aware.  When a teacher clicks the editing button it returns the user to the exact place on the page the button was clicked.

Icon Navigation Bar – Part of the custom homepage these large custom buttons allow users to quickly jump in and begin using Moodle.

Five Page Layouts – Choose from 5 unique page layouts that help transform the way you pages will be displayed to learners.

Eight Section Styles – Choose from 8 unique section styles for Topic and Weekly course formats.  Fordson provides many options to customize and personalize the look and feel for your users.

Nine Course Listing Styles – Choose from 9 course listing layouts.  These are a mix of tile and full-width blocks that help create your course directory, homepage course display, and other areas where courses are listed for users.

Two Block Display Options – Fordson introduces and innovative 3 column collapsible block panel at the top of each course.  With the click of a button you can show or hide course blocks in a course.  If you do not like this option you can choose the Boost/Moodle default sidebar.

Three Preset Styles – These unique styles help give you an easy way to change the look very quickly.  Each one is much more than just a change of color.

Branding and Marketing – A nice footer with branding and social icons along with Marketing tiles allow you to further personalize the custom homepage.

Course Images – A teacher can personalize their course by uploading an image that is used to create a custom banner and identify the course throughout the site.

Settings and Personalization – All kinds of options to control heights, colors, icons, text and other elements of the theme.

If you want to see the development of the theme and all these features in action please check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel.



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